Antalie Collins reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star
August 4 2016
Cindy is a very sweet caring person she takes pride in her dogs and cares for them .. The pups are very healthy and very well cared for .. Must see you will be very pleased.. We love our sweet Orion ..


Beverly Patterson reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star​
March 25 2016
I Bought two dogs from Cindy, a lab and a German shepherd. Beautiful dogs. Well pleased with them.Waiting to buy another German shepherd. I highly recommend her !!!
Chase Mullins reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star
August 16 2016
This is the first time I've ever used a breeder to get an animal, and it is one of the best choices I've ever made. Cindy is incredibly kind, and more than willing to answer any question. I've sent her countless messages asking about the process and general questions about raising German Shepherds. When we went to see the pups, she showed us all of the animals and we got to see how deeply she obviously cares for each and every one of them. We adopted Xena, and she has been taking to potty training incredibly well, with only having a couple of accidents. She also took to being on a leash within a day. This has been one of the best decisions we've ever made when it comes to our pets.
Debbie D. Jones-Shay reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star
July 12 2016
Cindy has been great to work with and we cant wait to get our new baby home , thanks Cindy
Casey Thomas reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star
July 20 2016
Cindy is the first breeder we've ever worked with, so we had tons of questions. She answered all of them quickly and talked back and forth with us throughout the whole process. She even worked with us while we were out of town and couldn't put down the deposit in the traditional ways! When we picked up Olga, we got to meet all Cindy's dogs (and cats!) and saw how much she loves them and the great care they receive. She's kept in touch as Olga grows up, and we love that. Olga is a wonderful puppy (now that we've gotten through potty training) - beautiful, sweet-natured, and incredibly bright. It's been a great experience!
Tricia Taylor reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star
August 1 2016
Cindy is a wonderful German Shepherd Breeder. If you take the time to talk with Cindy about her adult dogs and their babies you will quickly realize she represents this breed really well. You can see her adult German Shepherds and they are all beautiful dogs. I bought a male panda German Shepherd from Allie and Gage's first litter, Jax. He is amazing and extremely smart. At just under 10 weeks, Jaxs barks when someone enters the house he doesn't know. Jax is very playful and loves a belly rub. I have had several German Shepherds, without a doubt, Cindy's German Shepherds are incredible. I highly recommend anyone in search of a German Shepherd to contact Cindy. You will be glad you did.
Danielle Swain                                  Bradford's German Shepherds
5 star
October 30 2016

Danielle Swain
October 24 2016
Look how big he has got and he is just 4 months old.

Jazlynn Nicole Cox reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds —
5 star
April 8 2016
Cindy cares for her dogs in many different ways and the environment that they are in. She also helps and answers any questions that the new owners may need. If you are looking for a German Sheppard she is the person you need to go to!
Jas LM reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star
Feb 12, 2017
I got my boy Charlie from Bradford's exactly a week ago and he is SO smart and sweet. Cindy answered all of my questions from day one, and she treats all of her dogs with love and respect. I had a great experience and I'll definitely be getting my next dog from Cindy as well!
Sherri Hg reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star· April 18, 2017

Meemee Johnson reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star  April 21, 2017

Jeremy Johnson reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star  April 25, 2017
Great dogs great couldn't be more happy with our new family member truly recommend

Shea Swain reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star May 8th, 2017

Benjamin John reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds— 5 star July 2, 2017
I had an amazing experience working with Cindy. She truly cares about these animals. If you are looking to add a German Shepherd Dog to your life, you will not find a better breeder.

Jen Patty Barabin reviewed Bradford's Boxers — 5 starMarch 9 2018

Kris Starkey reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star April 14 2018

Creta A. Seletyn reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star April 8 2018

Jen Jen reviewed Bradford's Boxers — 5 star  March 9 2018

Heather Heard‎                                 Bradford's German Shepherds
October 12 2016
Miss Dallas wanted  
to say hi before  
she flies away           
with her bat ears

Antalie Collins             ‎Bradford's German Shepherds
October 28 2016
He is becoming such a big man he is so sweet and so smart. Not so photogenic any more lol.. But I am so in love with my boy .. Mr Orion Storm Cloud..

Antalie Collins                       ‎Bradford's German Shepherds
October 22 2016
Orion is such a smart and sweet boy he is doing great and get so big thank you Cindy ...he loves playing with his best friend Aurora..

Kaitlin Haines                                   ‎Bradford's German Shepherds
September 9 2016
He's getting bigger by the day!

Amanda Murrell 
Bradford's German Shepherds —
5 star
We have a baby girl from Amzee & Pollux and will be bringing another girl home Super Bowl weekend. Cindy has been so great to work with and she breeds absolutely great GSDs. Our first girl is almost 7 months old and an absolute joy, so smart and full of life. We have had no issues with socializing or training. Can't wait to bring Leia home soon. We highly recommend Bradford's to anyone looking for a GSD.

Kathy Ray: 2/19/2017 My boy Zuess is 10 weeks old and is soooo smart! Great nose!! And feet the size of the palm of my hand. Couldn't love him more! Cindy has the most amazing pups!!!!!!!
Sara Garrington: 2/19/2017, I have an almost 9 month old panda GSD from Cindy and he is the best dog ever. Even though he's in a rebellious teenager stage right now he is very loving and super smart ​when he wants to be.

Benjamin John‎

Bradford's German Shepherds
 July 2, 2017
She loves to play and nap. In that order. Thank you for the wonderful friend.

Jacob Smith reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star  9/21/2017
The day I bought my German Sheppard I could tell she was from good stock. Everyday I am even more satisfied about my purchase. They did a great job of exposing my dog to children. Now she's great with dogs, children, and strangers (As long as they don't get to close to the house unannounced).

Joseph Lovallo‎
Bradford's German Shepherds
July 4, 2017
We brought "Rocket" home on July 4th. He has acclimated really well to his new home. He has an amazing temperament, very calm, very smart, affectionate, and confident. He has had no accidents and has taken to potty training and obedience naturally. Our family loves our new member and is very pleased with him. Look forward to sharing him and all that he does with our new Bradford Shepherd family.

Leannadavid Bates reviewed 
Bradford's German Shepherds —
 5 star
July 7, 2017 
I've never had such a personal experience getting a fur baby from anyone Cindy was there answering questions and most impressive answering requests to see our Sadie as she was growing if u want a fur baby Cindy is who you want to get the very best experience she's very loving and personal with new fur baby parents and with all the fur babies

Jacob Smith We sure did luck out with this one.​​

Cindy Bradford: is she doing everything you wanted her to do?

Jacob Smith: She exceeds expectations. She is far more capable at 6 months than most dogs at 2 years. She already has 6 tricks up her sleeve and is learning to track scents.


Itty Bitty weighs over 3lbs now and he is keeping up with the other ones.. sometimes they get a little ruff, but mamma steps in... and I mean this mamma not the furry one..
Charlene Kessel :This is why I brought your line into mine! Great breeder= a great dog!- Pretty simple really.....! And I can't even express how happy I am w/our Aggie! ----Beautiful, sweet, smart, healthy, strong.... THANK YOU for what you do. The world is a better place because you exist!

Brandi Michelle
It's been all long days, but Kenna has made incredible progress the one week she's been here. She knows her name, the commands "no", "go pee", and "here" and reward marker "good". And today she's officially walking on a leash! She's also, much to my relief, house broken. Right now she alerts to go out by laying by the back door or whining. Next will be to get her to ring a bell. Thank You, Cindy, for such a carefully selected bloodline. You've created an amazing dog in her. Cindy Bradford Bradford's German Shepherds

Jessica Graham reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds— 5 star

August 13 2017 at 2:07pm · 

This was the first time I had gone through a breeder and Cindy was GREAT! She answered all of our questions and helped us when we had to pick up our pup a week later than most because we were going out of town and didn't want to board a new puppy immediately. She gave us a tour of her facilities which looked very well maintained and all dogs being bred were aloof around us, but not aggressive. She showed us that she treats all her dogs like family. Thunder Ann has been an amazing addition to our family and we are so glad we went through Cindy!

Bradford's German Shepherds Kennel

Aug 20, 2017

Leannadavid Bates:  Cindy has some great babies Sadie can fetch sit stay down (we can do with a treat) she always sits before she gets her meal so smart comes so loving and can heal on leash and she's still a baby has another appointment tomorrow thank u Cindy Bradford momma will never b worried with my girl
9/15/2017 Ron Wells:
He's extremely smart, protective but gentle with people we know/invite in and thinks he is a lap dog even though he weighed 75lbs at his 8 month vet visit.

Tammy Anglin Turnbo reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star
December 24, 2017 

‎Tammy Anglin Turnbo‎ to Bradford's German Shepherds
December 26, 2017 at 7:48pm · Chapel Hill · 
I just want to say how blessed and so thankful we are for the miracle of a Christmas we had this year all because of Bradford’s German Shepherd’s. . My son gave me a number 2 days before Christmas and when I called and she said she had 2 pups left I just feel to my knees and thanked god. Cindy Bradford was a true blessing to our Christmas. The only thing my son 14, wanted was a German Shepherd. His beloved dad passed away in 2007 and I am a single mother and work nightshift. My son felt alone, and wanted to share his love with the only dog he ever has wanted in his life and it was 7 weeks old and the perfect age to love, and the dog love back, and be trained. They have connected from the moment they met. In one day Duke Van, our new German Shepherd, learned commands as in, sit, and lay. He is completely potty trained in one day and rewarded with treats and lots of love. He is the most perfect German Shepherd ever and in less than a week he has his own blanket and place in my sons bed and is happy as my son is. I highly recommend Cindy Bradford to anyone and her services and her love of her animals are at first glance. The beauty of her dogs and the care is so professional and with so much love that It is worth any amount of money you spend whether it be on a contract or in full. Bradford’s German Shepherd’s or Boxers is the only place I would highly recommend, and will recommend. Me and my son is so very thankful and so blessed, and never doubt a miracle, cause it sure happened here. We love our Duke Van more than anything. Thank You Cindy Bradford, and Bradford’s German Shepherd ‘s and Boxers.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Michaela Barbee reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star
December 27, 2017 at 12:39pm · 
We are so happy with our German Shepherd. Anyone who is considering a Breeder, we highly recommend Bradford German Shepherds. We had never bought through a breeder before and she made the experience great. She takes such good care of her dogs. She is great with communication and really help us through what we need and how to take care of our boy. He is a very attentive and playful pup. Thank you for always being there to answer our questions. You will always be apart of our family.
Jessica Graham reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star
August 13, 2017 ·
This was the first time I had gone through a breeder and Cindy was GREAT! She answered all of our questions and helped us when we had to pick up our pup a week later than most because we were going out of town and didn't want to board a new puppy immediately. She gave us a tour of her facilities which looked very well maintained and all dogs being bred were aloof around us, but not aggressive. She showed us that she treats all her dogs like family. Thunder Ann has been an amazing addition to our family and we are so glad we went through Cindy!

Jessica Webb Williams
April 19, 2018 rated Bradford's Boxer 5 Stars......
We picked our little one up on April 7. It was love at first site. He was very well taken care of. Though out The whole process from the first call to picking him up she was very helpful and about the breed. She answered all questions that I had from day one. She posted pictures of both parents and puppies all the time. When they got bigger we got videos. We looked forward to seeing them. It was like we were there watching them grow and gain their unique personalities. Our vet said he was very healthy and told us he was very well taken care of. We are very happy with our choice in going with her and would do it again.

Emily Denae Gibson reviewed Bradford's Boxers 5 star
April 9 2018 ·
We picked up our puppy today. She was very professional and updated us on our puppy throughout his first 8 weeks. It’s clear she takes excellent care of her dogs I would highly recommend her for your boxer needs.
Thomas Whitney Russell reviewed Bradford's German Shepherds — 5 star
March 29 2018·
We were so excited to welcome Athena into our home! We love her so much already! Cindy was very helpful and caring in our experience. Athena is so smart and going to be a great dog. Beautiful animals at Bradford’s German Shepherds! 5/5 star recommendation!
This post was copied from my personal page, it was sent by Amanda Murrell.It is hard to believe Rey was this tiny baby, who transformed into such a beautiful girl, I highly recommend Cindy Bradford of Bradford's K-9 Corral in Lavergne, TN to anyone looking for a German Shepherd or Boxer puppy. Cindy is a top notch breeder who produces beautiful puppies with amazing temperaments and personalities. Anybody fortunate enough to get one of her puppies won't be disappointed.
Amanda Murrell is with Cindy Bradford.
July 27 2018
I can't believe it's been two years since we met and all because of a puppy. Little did I know back then how much my life was going to change once we decided to find a GSD and we were so lucky to come across Cindy Bradford on the AKC Marketplace. Without you Cindy I would never have discovered what an amazing breed Rey and Leia truly are and how ordinary and boring my life would have been.
John Wilson recommends Bradford's Boxers.
Wonderful experience with Cindy. She posted pictures and videos as the puppies grew until it was time to pick them up. Great to work with Cindy and the puppy is healthy and doing well.
Wanda N Doug Evers  recommends​ Bradford's Boxers.  5 star
Cindy is very knowledgeable and professional. I appreciated the fact that she let no one on the outside to see them until the day they were picked up keeping them safe from catching anything. She also made plenty of videos of the pups so you could watch them grow and see what there personalities were going to be. I enjoyed seeing all of them play and was thrilled when I finally got to pick my little man up. It was well worth the 4 hour drive. I have so many wonderful comments on my little boy with his beautiful markings and color. I still love watching the videos of her new pups from both her Boxers and her Shepherds.

Shelley Turner Shouse
Alex is two tomorrow! Thank you for calling us, and bringing this precious boy into our lives!!

Karen Fair
I have been wanting a panda german shepherd for many years. I am very happy I found Bradford's k9 Corral and was an approved home by Cindy. I felt very comfortable purchasing a puppy from here as I am in ohio. She advised me on which pup would fit my lifestyle best and she did a great job sending me exactly what I asked for. our puppy "Journey" is happy healthy well adjusted girl. I think Cindy is a very good responsible breeder and still cares after the puppy leaves her home. THANK YOU!

Hannah Wilmoth‎​​
March 20 2019
So happy I purchased this girl *Aspen*! She is so attentive and sweet! So happy with her and will definitely be getting another dog from you in the future. 

Parents are Gage Orion and Kali.