Gage Orion
DOB May 20, 2014
Comes to us from McMinnville, TN
Stands 26" Tall, Weighs 90lbs

Panda German Shepherd Information

 “Panda” is the name of the gene that is the result of a spontaneous mutation that occurred in one puppy born to a pair of German Shepherds here in the US. 

I use the term Panda to describe my AKC registered German Shepherd named Gage Orion as he has the mutated “Panda” gene, not to be confused with the S locus that causes white spotting in the German Shepherd breed.

The original pair of German Shepherds that produced the one puppy with this white pattern and blue eyes had their DNA studied by UC Davis.  The DNA of the parents and the litter were authenticated as being from their “Pedigreed” parents. 

Basically proving that the litter is from its documented parents and that a ’traveling salesman’ is not the culprit of the puppy with the white markings. 

The Panda Pattern puts white on the face/head, chest, feet, legs, the tip of tail much like that of the Collie—however, the Panda gene is not related to the gene responsible for the white on a Collie.  It is a dominant gene which means it only takes one parent to reproduce the pattern.  The pattern is secondary to the color and the original pattern of the Dog.  In other words, the dog will still be either; black/tan, blue/tan, liver/tan, blue sable, liver/sable, sable, or solid blue, solid liver, solid black, etc...
Repeating the Panda pattern does not interfere with any basic color or pattern and is secondary to its color and pattern.

Gage Orion is a direct descendant of the Original Panda Frankie (Lewcinkas Franka Vom Phenom).  Frankie is my German Shepherd Gage’s 5th line Generation Grandmother.